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Tree Trimming Cost

Trees and shrubs are an ideal way of boosting the aesthetic appeal – and hence the value – of both commercial and residential properties. However, the tree’s constant growth puts the crown out of shape, giving homes an unkempt appearance.  By investing in regular...

Tree Removal Costs

In Milwaukee, property owners pay $200 to $2000 to remove a tree. For small to medium-sized trees, tree removal experts charge $400 to $1,200, depending on how complicated the procedure is. The typical average-sized tree will have a removal cost of about $750.  Tree...

Tree Pruning Cost

The cost of pruning a tree ranges from $75 to $2000 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The tree pruning cost is affected largely by the size of the tree, and property owners with medium-sized trees pay $350 to about $650.  Several factors have a significant impact on the tree...
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